I love all things:
Country Music
Green Bay Packers
&Chris Young

One of the strongest voices in country came by the studio this morning- Chris Young!
Chris started off his morning with a little light hazing from Blair Garner in regards to a certain embarrassing picture that Chris took of Blair sleeping at the ACM Awards, but it was all in good fun, and all dropped when Chris blew everyone away with a stunning rendition of his song, “Aw Naw”, acoustic and live!
Chris also shared about his new single, “Who I Am With You”, his upcoming tour with Dierks Bentley and what it’s like to try and play guitar around Brad Paisley- plus, he gave us the scoop on being single in his career, his fan club party, turning 29, and whether he’ll be getting a dog anytime soon!

Chris, saving the ta tas.

If I see these on instagram, I’ll know who is taking my edits….

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